Stelios Pelasgos Ph.D.

The Greek master storyteller

Some of my stories are printed on paper. Some become bboks, scripts, plays or lyrics. Here follow some of my printed material . Untranslated fo the time being

 sStoryteller's secrets. Aprenticeship in oral literature and storytelling. A reference book for those who  seek facts, numbers and arguments for the use of storytelling in society. It relates and provesthe direct link between traditional storytelling apprenticeship and the growth of multiple intelligence 


xr The enemy' s Christmass bread. A short story.

orOrpheus. From Thrace to the land of shadows. A book that marries two traditional greek art forms, storytelling and shadow theater, in a contemporary context. the myth is revisited by the storyteller and a shadow theater player. Translated in turkish by the University of Edirne.

 Children' s books


 Τhe story of St. Basile- The star of each birth - Robin and the fir tree- Red Christmass eggs- The geneticaly modified bad wolf

 Συλλογές μαρτυριών

 xr Time becomes Word. Stories from my intergenerational workshop in Volos published in the form of a storytelling calendar relating each date with a certain reminisence.  

ergStorytelling workshop for elders. An anthology of words spoken by those disregarded by History.